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Real-Time Protection for Digital Assets powered by AppSOCTM with A.I.

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Mobile & Web Application Security Threats are rapidly increasing & difficult to contain, existing anti-virus + firewall defense can easily be jail-broken, while < 5% of global web and mobile applications have built-in protection. Even penetration testing is struggling to keep up with the next generation applications demands of “Rush to Release”


Enabling Real-Time Protection at the core of all Mobile & Web Assets using a special purpose and embedded self-defending mechanism that is compiled into these assets within seconds:

Design & Engineered to work Before, During & After the Attack with:

Speed: Virtual Asset Patching

Accuracy: Precision Asset Protection

Reliability: Zero Touch & Zero Day Vulnerability Mitigation



Identify Assets: Interfaces,Logic and Storage


Scan, Detect & Synthesize Data into Information (Threat Report)


Continuous Real-Time Threat Remediation via Unified Dashboard

AppSOC TM (Embedded Application Security Operations Center)



Security Intelligence
Instrument & Introspect
Detect, Prevent & Monitor


Real-Time Protection
against OWASP Top 10 +
CWE & SANS Top 25 attacks


Plug and Protect,
Works online / offline,
Conative Data Science

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Development Team


Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Threat Equation

She comes from Hewlett Packard (HP) where was part of the finance division. Most recently, she has been advocating Education for Cyber Security in Mid Sized businesses and also larger Enterprise Organizations. With a great passion for Cyber Security she leads the AppSOC our Next Generation Cyber Security Platform. In addition, she is also responsible for partnerships, messaging, customer advocacy and communications.


DevOps Engineer, Team Manager

Over 3+ years he has been working with various technology like Amazon Web Services ,OpenStack, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, KVM, Docker, Git, Apahe, NGINX, Apache Mesos, Kubernetes, Ansible, Jenkins, Python also Web Design , Development and Penetration Testing. He loves to take challenge & prefer automation rather than making the job done in manual way. He holds certification on RHCSA, RHCE. Also he is contributing bdNOG & BDSAF.


Software Engineer

Working as back-end web Engineer covering major Python web framework specially like Django, Flask and Pyramid with core knowledge in Unit- Testing, Libraries, Security, performance etc. Highly capable of doing full stack development.he REST API part is the best things for him. He has better knowledge on Database Management System with the Oracle, SQLserver and currently working on PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy, NoSQL (MongoDB).


Software Engineer

Specialist in PHP application. He is playing with PHP popular framework like Laravel, codeigniter, yii and CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal. He has a vast knowledge on application Security and penetration testing. He is a certified ethical hacker, attending different bug bounty program. playing with different scanning tool like burp suite, Nmap, sqlmap, wpscan. He is a good team player, co-operative,highly motivated and responsible


Software Engineer

Vast knowledge Android Security, Android SDK, Android NDK, IOS, JAVA, C#, C++, Git , Python also Web Development. He loves to take challenge and doing research. He participated in many national and international competition like National and International Programming Contest ,National Hackathon , Bracathon, Techfest IIT Bombay(India),Techkriti IIT Kanpur (India) ,University Rover Challenge (USA) and so on.


Software Engineer

Working as back-end and front-end both web covering major Python web framework specially like Django & html, css, bootstrap, JavaScript, jquery, PHP, WordPress, react js, REST ApI.Knowledge in Unit- Testing,git etc.Like to develop Automated security application and system.A certified ethical-hacker.participate national and international competition Programming Contest & robotics competition like as Nasa mars society rover challenge.

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